Love Get Ready


(M. Bolton - B. Halligan Jr.)

Loveís a no, no, girl,
I wouldnít let it happen again.
But I could feel my world,
Just slipping through the palm of his hand.

Just the sound of his voice,
And I forget about the price Iíve paid.
Seems Iíve got no choice,
Somewhere in my heart,
The decisionís been made.

His love keeps getting stronger,
(Alek, donít know what this line is, never been able to figure it out)
Canít hold back much longer,
Guess it looks like weíre in for a ride.

Love get ready, here I come.
Keep my heart beat steady,
ĎTil I know heís the one.
Love get ready, here I come.
Gonna catch me one more time.

Iíve heard all the lies,
And every way to say goodbye.
But this heart of mine,
Says heís not just another guy.

Then with every turn,
Itís better than the time before.
I only know this much,
Whatever it is, Iíve just got to have more.

I canít keep my distance,
I wouldnít do it if I knew how.
That doesnít make any difference,
ĎCause I can tell you itís too late now.

Repeat chorus

Somebody wake me,
And bring me to my senses.
Somebody shake me,
Iím losing my defenses.

Repeat chorus 2x

Go get yourself ready.
I canít tame him, Ďcause Iím loving it now.
Just get yourself ready,
Canít hold back, and Iím gonna let it get strong.
Just get yourself ready.
Love get ready, just get yourself ready.