You`re My One And Only


(M. Sharron - C. Wild)

When weíre far apart,
No matter where you are,
I feel you rushing to my heart.

And when I didnít believe,
Love gave me back myself,
Now youíre the other part of me.

Iíve searched this whole world,
To find someone like you.
And when I held you for the first time I knew.

Youíre the one and only,
One whoís ever known me.
Youíre my one and only.
Gonna feel your love light,
Shining down on my life,
Youíre my one and only love.

People come and they go,
But you were always there,
Now I just want to let you know.
In the dark of the night,
When youíre feeling all alone,
Iíll wrap you in my love so tight.

Without you in my life,
I only exist.
But when Iím in your arms, thatís all there is.

Repeat chorus

And if I lost your love,
My whole world would end.
Where would I look,
To ever find my heart again.

Youíre the other part of me.

Repeat chorus 3x