You Don`t Know What You`ve Got


(M. Sharron - C. Wild)

Itís like the grains of time,
Like the hourglass of sand.
Watching love go bye now,
And just slipping through my hands.

I can see you drift away,
Right before my eyes.
And Iím reaching out to what we had before.
And writings not in stone,
Letís save whatís on the line.
But if you close the door, then hey.

Just leave me with a little of myself,
And all the feelings that we fell for,
Love, but love is worth the price of holding on,
ĎCause you donít know what youíve got Ďtil itís gone.

Weíve traveled down this road
Weíve got a long, long way to go, yeah.
Donít turn your back upon me,
ĎTil weíve got something left to show.

And Iím talking at you,
You canít hear a word I say.
Forget the past cause we still got today.
A kiss can melt the heart and turn it into fire,
But if loves gone away.

Repeat chorus. 3x

And Iím reaching out to what we had before,
But if you close that door,

Repeat chorus. 2x